We have recently partnered with the exciting and innovative company Stripe Homes and we are eager to share more details about the company. We are introducing our investors to the loan note opportunity that Stripe Homes has to offer.

About Stripe Homes

Founded in 2017 by company director James Forrester, Stripe Homes focuses on the renovation of commercial properties and development of land for student and residential use.

Stripes Homes uses funds obtained to acquire suitable commercial properties and land in order to renovate and develop them accordingly. The assets are then managed to provide investors with fixed returns.

The company takes advantage of the fact that when a property has been converted, it becomes a commercial asset with an underlying value that is linked but is not reliant on the current variable housing market price index.

Regular updates are provided for the development through SmartInvest UK, keeping the investor ‘in the loop’ of the development of the project.

The company prides itself on their social conscience that cares about the community, the impact of their developments and importantly the benefits to the area. The company has quickly positioned itself in the market and is quickly attracting investors.

Quayside Studios

Quayside Homes is the project that Stripe Homes is currently developing. The construction is for the development of 126 new flats aimed at students primarily going into their second year of study.

Nestled on the banks of the River Tyne, the location of the project is located ideally for students. Onsite facilities are to include a gym, media room, bike storage, laundrette, electric bike rental, 24 hr security and on-site rental management.

Work is starting at Quayside for Stripe. Hoarding is up and is ready for branding.

Loan Note Overview


Stripe Homes is focused on developing land and commercial buildings into purpose-built student and residential accommodation in prime locations in the North of England.


The raise of Stripe Homes is £1,500,000.

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment is £20,000.


There are two options for investment:

Growth Option – 18% fixed over 18 months,
Growth & Interest Option – 25% fixed over 24 months (interest paid on months 6, 12, 18 and 24).




A first charge will be placed on the assets that the loan note is being raised for.


This invitation is available for direct investment by institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated and high net worth individuals, companies and restricted investors.

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