Housing in the UK

Government targets suggest at least 240,000 new homes need to be built every year until 2020, in order to tackle the housing crisis in the UK. One of the government’s key challenges in meeting this target is to find the land on which to build them.

What is strategic land?

Strategic land refers to land or property which hasn’t yet reached its development potential. It may be that planning permission, consent or allocation is needed before it becomes viable and valuable development land.

More information on how strategic land is identified, and how the investment process works, can be found in the Investment Guide.



Christopher Merriman

AssocRICS, Land & Planning Director

All of our sites are selected by our Land and Planning Director, Christopher Merriman. Christopher is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has worked in the property industry for nearly 30 years. Christopher has been involved in projects that have resulted in the creation of 3,000 homes. When choosing a site, we seek out locations with a requirement for homes and engage independent experts to undertake due diligence.


How It Works

Intro Crowd are pioneers in strategic land investment. Intro Crowd provide unique opportunities for investors through their secure, online crowdfunding platform. Intro Crowd is an Appointed Representative of Sapia Partners LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Land west of Warden, Isle of Sheppey

The site is located to the north-east side of the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, on the western edge of a small seaside settlement of Warden. The site would form an urban extension to the settlement, which borders an existing residential area, comprising mainly detached properties with some semi-detached dwellings. The land is currently agricultural fields surrounded to the north, west and south by hedgerows. An existing hedgerow also subdivides the land into two fields. There are several residential roads along the eastern edge of the site.

Most of the site is therefore not precluded from development in terms of flood risk, and a more detailed technical review would need to be undertaken to ascertain whether the development could encroach onto the southern area benefiting from flood defence. This southern strip of land couldhowever act as an open part of the site, forming a landscape buffer if it cannot be built upon. The site is located in Swale Borough, and the Council adopted their Local Plan in 2017, whichseeks to provide 13,192 dwellings during the plan period 2014 to 2031. Although the Local Planhas beenrecently adopted and the land is not currently allocated for housing development, theCouncil have taken the decision that they need a new review of the Local Plan to ensure that they
are meeting the housing need for the area.

The Councils’ latest monitoring document dated February 2019 shows that the local authority areunable to demonstrate a 5-year housing supply, and currently have a housing supply of 4.6 years.
There is, therefore, a window of opportunity over the next 12 to 24 months, whilst Council reviews their local plan, to capitalise on the shortfall in 5-year housing supply, and promotion of the site as
delivering much-needed housing. The key to achieving permission ahead of the adopted of a new local plan, with a 5-year housing supply shortfall, would be based on the site being classed as “sustainable development”.

I certainly feel that in terms of how the land relates to settlement, Warden, it forms a natural extension to the settlement. There are businesses spread around the settlement, a pub and playgroup, but no real centre. There also appears to be a lack of community uses/recreational land. Provision of community use/recreational use on part of the site, would in my mind make itmore of an attractive proposition than just solely housing.

Running parallel with the short-term opportunity to push forward a planning application, will be the opportunity to promote the land for development through the review of the Local Plan which is taking place over the next 2 to 3 years.