A leading UK law firm who has created a unique opportunity to fund their Breach of Mortgage Contract cases, were upon success the returns are handsome for the investor, and there is insurance protection, so funds are protected and returned in the unlikely event it goes to court.


The returns are estimated to be 60% over 12 months. This funding opportunity and working alongside the leading firm has arisen due to many people not being able to afford such cases, which provides an ideal gap in the market for a funding opportunity for a profit share.



Latest News

We are pleased to announce the first cases have started to settle after one year without going to court, the size of the awards have beaten forecasts, and the timeframes are 12 months and less moving forwards to reach an estimated return of 60%.


Key aspects of the opportunity, which in our view make it of particular interest, are:

 it’s low cost: £4,000 per case ( minimum investment of 3 cases as of April 2018 )

› Large book of cases – 3200  funded to date

› the relatively high estimated average claim value: more than ten times the funding cost at around £40,000

› the high chance of success against the lender should the case go to court: set at 75% by barrister

› the consequent high chance of settlement

› there is an insurance policy in place covering the funded value in case of failure.


Minimum investment £12,000 ( 3 cases).