How do you get paid?

We receive a small commission on every investment.

Do you have customer service?

With a dedicated investment manager, you will receive constant updates and a dedicated person to answer all your queries.

How are you different from traditional investment companies?

We focus primarily on asset-backed Fixed Return investments. This gives you – the investor – as much control as you desire. As we have no finders’ fees or annual management charges, you can concentrate on your returns.

What is the minimum investment level?

Current Minimum is  £20,000,; we provide email account management for the duration of the investment.  For portfolios above £50,000 through Smart Invest UK, we will offer a dedicated investment manager with both telephone and email contact available.

Can anybody invest?

In direct property investments, yes.

Indirect ownership carries a higher degree of risk as your name is not on the title deeds, and as such we only offer these investments to self-certified sophisticated, high net worth investors.

Litigation funding is available to anybody as the risks of loss are mitigated substantially through an AfterThe Event insurance policy that covers the full funds invested.

What is the minimum investment term?

It varies although typically its two years for Fixed Return investments.

Litgation Funding varies from between 6-18 months.

What returns can I expect?

Our benchmark is 10% gross return per annum.


Can I invest through my pension?

Most of our investments are pension-compliant; please ask, and we will check for you.


I am interested in becoming a client what happens next?

Thank you. In the first instance, please contact us, by phone on 0203 637 5844 or email, and we will go through our ‘Know Your Client’ a questionnaire so we can determine the most suitable investments for you.


What are the risks?

Asset-backed and direct real estate funds are among the lowest-risk investments one can choose, and so are suitable for pensions and income-driven portfolios.

The money once invested, is unavailable until the expiration date.