Cities in the North of England see highest rise in sales

Cities in the North of England are seeing strong property sales growth, with Blackpool, Lancaster and Durham leading the rise in transactions.

New research shows that sales increased by 17% in the second quarter of 2018 in Blackpool compared to the first quarter, by 16.6% in Lancaster and by 15.4% in Durham.

The data from Housesimple, which looks at more than 60 cities, also shows that seven out of 10 towns registering the biggest growth in property sales were in the North while the biggest falls were in the South.

After Durham the next biggest rise in sales was 11.8% in Swindon, followed by 8.9% in Hartlepool, 8.8% in Leicester, 7.4% in Middlesbrough, and 7.2% in Warrington, Gloucester and Newcastle.

‘The North/South property divide has been turned on its head’, said Sam Mitchell, chief executive officer of Housesimple.

‘Properties, particularly family homes, are still affordable in the North of England and with thriving local economies attracting workers to the region, stock is being snapped up in major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds,’ he added.