SmartInvest™ is continually looking to forge relationships, with individuals and companies, to work in partnership to create new opportunities.

We provide unrivalled support and a dedicated Business Development Manager to discuss our investment options with your target clients or prospects. We manage the whole investment process, so you can focus on your core business.

We are focused primarily on the UK indirect property market.

All of the investments we offer, through our Managed Partners, have our 5-Star Seal of Diligence.

Our extensive due-diligence process ensures that only the most secure investments are provided via our Partner Platform. These investments have a proven track record and significant cash inflows.

Your clients will have access to over 20 years of combined investment experience and advice, a solid 6-year track record, with Fixed Return investments and zero losses thus far; we have achieved a solid and steady 10% Gross return per annum, across all of our Fixed Return investments, ever since inception.

That track record inspires confidence both from new prospects and old clients.

In the first instance call the partner hotline on 0203 637 5843 or complete the contact form.