About Us

Our Approach


We use our research division, knowledge, experience and professional qualifications, followed by extensive due diligence before offering investments to our clients. By following this approach, we mitigate risk. This approach puts Smart Invest UK at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a reliable UK Fixed Income and Property Investments broker.


Our Story


Launched in 2014 by an investor consortium. Smart Invest UK was created to offer solutions to the Fixed Income dilemma many investors face including historically low interest rates and weak bond returns.  Years  later, the interest rate outlook is still very low. With inflation a real issue, often played down by governments, many of you reading this will have experienced a long period of stagflation. Your money is worth less than it was eight years ago, both at home and abroad.



Meet the Team

We are a dedicated team of investment professionals with a wide range of experience and skills, and the ability to deliver the best performing Fixed Income and Fixed Return investments for clients.