Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get paid?

We work directly with developers and receive a small brokers commission on every investment.

Do you have customer service?

With your dedicated investment manager, you will have constant updates and a dedicated person to contact your queries and questions.

How are you different to traditional investment companies?

We focus primarily on asset backed fixed income investments with both direct or non-direct ownerships available, this puts you the investor firmly in control and as we have no finders fees or annual management charges, you can concentrate on the returns.

What is the minimum investment level?

From as little £5000.

Can anybody invest?

In direct property investments, yes, indirect ownership carries a greater degree of risk and as such we only offer these investments to self-certified sophisticated or high net worth investors.

What is the minimum investment term?

One year.

What returns can I expect?

Our benchmark is 10%-12% gross per annum for fixed income based investments.


Can I invest through my pension?

Most of our investments are pension compliant; please consult with us for more details.


I am interested in becoming a client what happens next?

In the first instance contact us, and we will go through a questionnaire to profile you as an investor. From that, we will be able to determine which investments you are qualified to participate.


What are the risks?

Asset-backed and direct real estate investments are among the lowest risk and therefore suitable for pensions and income drove portfolios. Every venture will have its own set of risk warnings.