With more than 20 years of combined experience and extensive local expertise, SmartInvest UK works hard to find a comprehensive range of properties across four different asset classes and the most exciting opportunities in the UK property market.

Property Sales Division

Working independently from property and land owners, gives SmartInvest UK the ability to assist buyers make smart additions to their property portfolios.

Bespoke Service

At SmartInvest UK, we understand that every property investment opportunity presents unique challenges. We offer a bespoke service tailoring our range of property investments to suit your individual requirements. For more information call our sales team.


Fixed Income Division

For suitably qualified investors, we have access to a range of real estate fixed return investments. Ranging from Property Bonds to Loan and Debt Instruments. For additional information on our range of asset backed fixed return investments, please contact our sales team.


Get the expert insight you need to make your property investments a success.

SmartInvest UK is driven by professionalism and we pride ourselves on developing long standing relationships.

With experience drawn from many sectors we offer a wide range of British real estate investments to satisfy the needs of today’s investor.

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These regulations prohibit unfair practices. To satisfy our obligations under the CPRs, our sales particulars have been prepared by SmartInvest UK upon the instruction of the vendor and in accordance with these regulations. The property details are produced in good faith and are not intended to form part of a contract.